Pastels Garden

About the Pastels Garden                                                                                                 


This garden functions rather like a lobby with access to other spaces, so the planting is designed to be seen in passing, glancing left to right en route to somewhere else.  Two white wooden benches were added in 2012 for the benefit of garden visitors who would rather stop for a while to take in the view.  It is also home to the greenhouse, coldframes and a shady nursery area where newly propagated plants are grown on. 


The flowerbeds form a continuous ring around a square central lawn and the colours blend gradually like artists' pastels from blue through mauve to pink then white to yellow in loose clusters and waves around the garden.  Early season height provided by bay pyramids, clematis and roses trained on obelisks,  fastigiate evergreens and elaeagnus, is soon engulfed by a chorus line of colour co-ordinated perennials such as campanulas, delphiniums, thalictrums, veronicastrums, echinops, eryngiums, phlox, asters and eupatoriums.


This site was used by previous owners as a grass tennis court and it was still being mown as a lawn. The beds and paths were laid out in summer of 2004, the planting was done in autumn of 2004 and the greenhouse was erected in March of 2005.  Below are some photos of the pastels garden during its construction and in its early days.

Peak Season: June/July

This garden is lovely in early summer, comes into its own with the main flush of roses and continues through high summer with the addition of phlox, agapanthus, sedums, limoniums, echinacea, asters and veronicastrums. The gallery below contains photos of the pastels garden taken in across the summer of 2016.